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Our approach to acquiring and disposing of assets is based around our purpose and values, which combine entrepreneurial spirit and financial discipline.

We begin by looking for opportunities that are aligned with sectors and themes within our interests and look to remain long-term and supportive partners.

We have no set timeline and no requirement to divest of an asset, only sound decisions to drive long-term value for our companies and shareholders.

Strategic Acquisitions

Disciplined approach to capital deployment

Freedom from fixed timelines artificially created by fund structures

Synergistic, sector-specific subsidiary businesses offset market conditions faced by holding companies focused on a specific product or service

Seasoned investment team with experience across economic cycles

Decentralized, global business development efforts led by multiple deal partners provides broad coverage

Proven identification of leading management teams in subsidiaries

Ability to provide both the debt and equity financing for every transaction, creating a better alignment of interests

Buyer of choice due to certainty of financing and speed of closure

Active Oversight

Potential for extended ownership periods

Permanent capital available to support long-term value creation through investment in:

  • Management teams
  • Organic growth and add-on acquisitions
  • Lasting infrastructure

Conservative, low leverage approach allows focus to be on growth

Lower cost of capital as part of BOKA Group’s holdings versus financing each subsidiary separately

Professionalization/public readiness of subsidiaries at scale

Strong internal culture of accountability and governance, including regular reporting (public readiness)

Commitment to being a responsible partner and corporate citizen

Opportunistic Divestitures

Flexible model allows for opportunistic exits that optimize and prioritize outcomes for all stakeholders

No limitations on holding periods for subsidiaries

Strong industry relationships

Opportunity to recycle capital into new assets and/or provide profit distribution to shareholders

For public divestitures (IPO):

Subsidiaries are PCOAB compliant, have public management, governance and reporting standards

Subsidiaries have an opportunity to preempt market sentiment through BOKA’s analyst coverage